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Kwasa College
9 Nalk Road  
South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa
Kwasa College has had to adapt to accommodate the formidable challenges faced by our students.
For instance, since there is little to no electricity at the Daggafontein Settlement, all homework
needs to be accomplished before nightfall. Since there are no water or sewerage systems,
the children are often tasked with many chores, like getting water for their families at
one of the seven water taps before our bus transports them to school.
Food is often scarce.

We make sure that these needs are met so that our students can shed the pressure of their realities and enter Kwasa College with an open mind, ready to learn.


​student trips 
​each year in one Sprinter 

healthy meals served

Transportation of any kind is very rare for the people living in the Daggafontein Settlement. Kwasa College provides transportation for students who come to our school and then takes older students on to their schools in the morning. They return to Kwasa College for after-school programmes and  homework.  All students are transported back to Daggaonfontein in the late afternoon. 

On our wish list is a second Sprinter!
Feeding 234 students is a very important part of our daily routine. Kwasa College has a well-established garden for vegetables with  a food waste unit that produces biogas to cook the food. Kwasa employs a cook and an assistant from the Settlement to prepare all the meals. The children are fed a breakfast of mielie pap and gravy when they arrive and lunch of meat, veg and potato at the end of their school day. 

On our wish list is a larger kitchen facility!

students receiving educational busaries

hours of tutoring services

Education is neither free or a right in South Africa.  In fact, there is not a free school serving the thousands of children living in Daggafontein Settlement. Kwasa College Bursary Programme provides scholarships for 50 older students that have graduated from Kwasa. This includes all associated school fees, books, supplies, uniforms and transportation to and from the school. We monitor our students closely and found there was a great need to  start a Tertiary Programme for our students who have fully matriculated. We assist them on their path to realising their post-graduation aspirations.

Homework plays a role in building skills that equip young people to be more efficient and motivated students. By completing homework, students gain skills such as greater self-direction, self-discipline, organisation, and more independent problem solving, all that are critical for students who may not be fully supported educationally within their family unit. The Kwasa College after-school programme monitors the progress of our older students each day by providing structured homework time and tutoring if needed. 

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