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Kwasa College
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa

Kwasa College
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​​This section will highlight the exciting things that are happening at Kwasa College. Our growth is a direct reflection of the generosity of spirit shown to Kwasa College by the volunteers, Board, staff and students who appear in the news articles, pictures and videos. We will be chronically our progress from inception as a small pre-school program to our current status as a fully autonomous College. Every step is important whether it is dedicating a new campus building, singing in the Springs Music Festival or rejoicing in the quiet bond fostered between the pupils of St. Dunstan's and Kwasa Colleges while sitting under a shade tree.

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Each year, the Kwas College  school Rector, Ven. Rev. Sharron Dinnie recaps the previous term at Kwasa College, citing the milestones achieved by each class, listing the capital improvements accomplished and a look at the year ahead.

West Green is a charity located in the United Kingdom that raises funds and distributes them to institutions in South Africa, including Kwasa College, who are tackling the huge social challenges of poor education and health, poverty and unemployment. Their newsletter provides an excellent overview of Kwasa College and its many activities.

Recent News Highlights

  1. Visit by The Most Rev Michael Curry
    FEB 2019
    Visit by The Most Rev Michael Curry
    Kwasa College was honored to welcome the Most Rev. Michael Curry, presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church.
  2. Appointment of Owen Thomas
    Jan 2019
    Appointment of Owen Thomas
    We welcome Owen Myrddin Thomas to the Kwasa College family. Mr. Thomas has been appointed as the Head of the Primary School. He is an experienced educationalist and school leader.
  3. White Building Renovation Begins
    White Building Renovation Begins
    Once the mine's outpost, the "white building" was in total disrepair and home to about 200 squatters. Now, the 17,000 sq ft. complex will house a 500 pupil auditorium, media centre, library, offices and a medical clinic.
  4. Two Teachers Travel to US
    Two Teachers Travel to US
    Two teachers traveled from Kwasa to Chapel Hill, NC to be trained in the Augustine method of teaching & reading. This will enhance their skills in teaching literacy to children whose first language is not English.

Dec 2018  

Newsletter #5 2018

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