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Kwasa College
9 Nalk Road  
South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa

How We Help Our Students

Finding joy in learning and in life

We believe that every child has innate, God-given potential just waiting to be realised.

We are dedicated to providing the conduit to achieve that potential, but it is not easy. Unlike in other parts of the world, free education does not exist in this region of Africa and especially for the children of the informal settelement of Daggafontein. There are no schools in its immediate vicinity, except Kwasa College. Our students face daily challenges as shown through the eyes of two students -  A Day in the Life of Zamane & Brandon.

The limited funding we receive for students is from the Dept. of Social Development and only for the pre-primary section of the College.

The rest of our extensive services are not possible without hard work and sacrifice by the staff at Kwasa College, ​ the long-standing dedication of our Giving Partners and support by new donor organizations and sponsors from across the globe.

Why is Kwasa
called a College?
In many parts of the world, a college is an educational institution of higher learning or part of a greater university program (like the College of Engineering). In fact, university & college are often considered interchangeable terms.

​In this region of South Africa, "college" may be applied to any private or independent (non-government) primary and/or secondary school. 

At present Kwasa College is comprised of a pre-primary and primary program, but It is our mission to grow Kwasa College to include all grades through high school by 2027!

Educational Programmes
for Kwasa Students
Support Programs 
for all Students
Campus Facility Development 
Present & Future
Kwasa College is comprised of a pre-primary program - The Early Childhood Development Centre - and a primary program through the 6th grade. Classes are kept small giving an optimal teacher/pupil ratio. We are adding a tertiary program to assist graduating high school students prepare for university studies or employment opportunities.
Kwasa College provides four fundamental services to enhance the educational progress of our students - transportation to and from the informal settlement of Daggafontein, a Bursary Scholarship Program to pay for educational fees, an after-school tutoring program for primary and secondary students and a healthy meals program serving approximately 300 meals/day.
The goal of Kwasa College is to grow one grade level per year and as such will need to construct the necessary buildings to support that mission. We recently completed the construction of the 5th and 6th grade classrooms. Future projects include the rehabilitation of an existing structure as a multi-use building, including a hall/auditorium, administration offices and medical clinic.

Lux Vita Caritas

Light, Life, Love