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Kwasa College
9 Nalk Road  
South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa

Welcome to Kwasa College

Kwasa College is an independent, non-profit Anglican school for ​pre-primary (ages 3-6) and
primary-aged children (grades 1-6) located in Springs, Gauteng, South Africa. 

Kwasa College was founded by Ven. Rev Sharron Anne Dinnie in 2003 to improve the lives of the vulnerable children living in the informal settlement of Daggafontein.  Our students face nearly insurmountable obstacles each day - living in shacks with no running water, electricity or water-borne sewerage. There are no medical clinics in a place where the devastation of HIV/AIDS is ever-present. High unemployment, no educational institutions and the threat of violence is a daily reality. 

A number of our students are orphans or living in single-parent or child-headed households after losing one or both parents to disease or crime. Neglect, abuse and hunger are facts of life. In fact, two safe houses were erected on campus after orphaned girls, of about age 6, were found huddled together, living in culverts and drain ditches. 

Our students rely on Kwasa College for their educational needs including payment of school fees, uniforms and supplies (there is no free education in South Africa), transportation to and from Daggafontein and proper nutrition. Through education, it is hoped that the cycle of poverty will be broken, enabling the children of the Informal Settlement of Daggafontein to realise their full potential and in turn make a difference in the community, country and world.  ​ 

What is Kwasa?
"Kwasa" is a Zulu word used to describe the light and peace that comes right after darkness. It is the first morning light or the moment after a violent storm, when the clouds part and the sun begins to shine.​​​​​​​​

Kwasa College is a light for its students in much the same way. The school is a beacon of hope for a future of promise and opportunity.

We hope you "catch the vision" of making a difference in these children's lives. 
Together, we can help to give them their chance. 

  1. Managing Director
    As part of their services, Kwasa College provides breakfast, lunch and refreshments for all the children, about 500 meals a day. Fresh produce is provided by a vegetable garden on the property.
  2. Managing Director
    The Early Childhood Development Centre of Kwasa College serves 116 children, ages 3 - 6. The Primary program has 88 students in grades 1-6 It is our vision to add one grade each academic year.
  3. Managing Director
    Kwasa College has an active After-School programme for their students and older students from other schools. All homework needs to be accomplished as there is no electricity in the settlement.
Healthy Meals & Nutrition
After School Tutoring Programme
Pre-Primary & Primary Programmes

Secondary & Tertiary Programmes
Bishop David Beetge Memorial Classroom Dedication and Blessing - will be rescheduled
You will have realised that the announcement by President Ramaphosa yesterday means that our event planned for this Sunday, March 22nd needs to be postponed so that we can be part of the effort to contain the Covid-19 virus across the world. We will be in touch again when the situation is clearer, and public events can be rescheduled.

In the meantime, you can still support Kwasa College and we would be so grateful if you'd consider us a special cause this Easter:    Our lovely new classrooms need desks and chairs for 60 learners - and you can donate in SA though Quicket by credit card on this link - (Just click on TICKETS and then scroll down to use the donation option).     https://www.quicket.co.za/events/101151-Kwasa#/

One desk and chair set costs just R342, so our goal is R20,000.  We have already had donations raising just over R1000 and it would be marvelous to open the Easter Term with the learners all in appropriately sized chairs and desks.  Please consider making your gift now, before our event page closes on 22 March.

The furniture will last much longer than an Easter egg!  We are trying to keep cheerful in the face of so much uncertainty for the most vulnerable communities we serve.

If you are overseas, you can still use the link above.  In the UK you can also donate by cheque or CAF to West Green Charity https://westgreencharity.org/kwasa-newsletter-no-6/.
Giving in the US can be tax-deductible through CAFAmerica, with whom we are registered.   

From South Africa, everyone at Kwasa prays that all our communities, friends, supporters and wider family across the globe stay well over the coming weeks.  As our little community here will experience at least a month of different challenges including access to water, many children will also miss out on their meals and nutrition at school, as well as the learning.  If you'd like to help us as we face these new challenges - for instance, to give towards our hardship fund, you can do so through the above channels (just add Hardship Fund in your donation message).

Every donation will be acknowledged and we'll be glad to report back on what we were able to do to help the most vulnerable children during this especially worrying time for families living in shacks and informal shelters.   We will be looking at how we can respond to this emergency and will be so thankful for any assistance you can offer.

With every blessing through these turbulent times
and in His Service


The Revd. Sharron Dinnie

Kwasa: Light & Peace
after the Storm
The Story of Vinet Maepa
This heartwarming video traces the journey of one young girl, Vinet, as she begins with unimaginable heartbreak in the 2nd grade. Vinet started at Kwasa College as a young child and is now a part of the Secondary Education Bursary program. Her success is a direct reflection of  how the opportunities provided by the school and its founder, Ven. Rev. Sharron Dinnie, can positively change the course of the lives of children from Daggafontein.

Read more about the students at Kwasa College and consider becoming a partner in their educational future!
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