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Kwasa College
9 Nalk Road  
South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa
Satellite View of Kwasa College
Since its humble beginnings, Kwasa College has slowly added to its number of school buildings and facilities either through renovating existing structures from the abandoned Daggenfontein supply outpost or building new. 
The first classrooms at Kwasa in 2010 were not fit for purpose comprising a derelict mine clinic building, open to the elements, and a repurposed shipping containers with windows cut in the steel sides. 

Today, Kwasa College owns the 21 Hectare site outright (about 45 acres), and has just been granted re-zoning approval for educational use, removing any doubt about its future ability to realise the vision of providing educational opportunities through matriculation (12th grade) by the year 2027. The fully secure school site houses classrooms, a chapel, sports fields and netball courts, safe play areas, two boarding houses for vulnerable students, a kitchen, water boreholes, a biomass plant generating methane from food waste, and a thriving vegetable plot.

Future plans include buildings to house grades 7-12, a hall/auditorium and administration building (housed in the large building on the left), a sports complex, medical clinic, and residential housing units for students.

Campus Buildings

  1. Pre-Primary Addition
    Pre-Primary Addition
    The Pre-Primary program was expanded by adding two classrooms, a bursary office, meeting rooms and school reception area.
  2. Chapel of the Cross
    Chapel of the Cross
    An abandoned building from the original land purchase was converted to the Chapel of the Cross with its dedication ceremony in 2016.
  3. Pre-Primary School
    Pre-Primary School
    The Pre-Primary school is housed in the abandoned group of buildings at the Daggafontein Mine Outpost. The building consists of several pre-primary classrooms and a kitchen.
  4. Primary School
    Primary School
    The Primary School building is a self-contained structure built to house grades 1-4.
  1. Kwasa Hall
    Kwasa Hall
    Construction has started on converting the "old white building" into a school hall, administration offices, IT/media suite, and proposed health clinic.
  2. Primary School
    Primary School
    The newest school building for 5th and 6th grade classrooms.
  3. John Crane House
    John Crane House
    Residential home for orphaned girls who were found living in culverts and drain ditches.
  4. Mike Howe House
    Mike Howe House
    Built a year after the John Crane for Girls House, the Mike Howe House was established for 18 orphaned and vulnerable boys from the Daggafontein Settlement.

Student Facilities & Grounds

  1. Pre-Primary Addition
    Pre-Primary Addition
    Assupol created this Dr. Suess-themed area for the smallest children to learn the basic rules of the road while having fun.
  2. Pre-Primary Playground
    Pre-Primary Playground
    The Pre-Primary play areas are all about fun and imagination.
  3. Primary Playground
    Primary Playground
    The older children have several open fields and play equipment.
  4. Netball Courts
    Netball Courts
    Netball is a very popular sport, especially at Kwasa College. Two new netball courts were built in 2018

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