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Kwasa College
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South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa

Bishop Michael Curry
​Visit to Kwasa College

February 17, 2019

Welcoming Bishop Michael Curry

We are so honored

Bishop Michael Curry, the primate of the Episcopal Church visited the Province of Southern Africa (ACSA) in February to meet with Diocesan Bishops at their Synod, and to give the fourth Bishop David Beetge Memorial Lecture.

As you may know, the Bishop Beetge Memorial Lecture series is held to raise funds for Kwasa College, as one of the flagship educational initiatives established by the late Bishop David.
Rector, Rev Sharron Dinnie said ‘we are so honoured to have the chance to host Bishop Michael at Kwasa College.  When such a leader takes time out to visit a local school or project, it reminds us that children are the future, and we must invest in our children if our future is to be better than our past’.

The visit was a private engagement where Bishop Curry met with some of the learners, teachers, parents and other officials involved in the College and in education.
Archbishop Thabo Makgoba is hosting the visit to the Province, and established the Bishop Beetge Memorial Lecture in 2016, as a means to honour the late Dean of the Province, as well as Bishop of Highveld Diocese. 
"The heart of the visit," said Archbishop Thabo Makgoba, "is to meet the Anglican bishops of Southern Africa at a regular meeting of their Synod, and to give the fourth Memorial Lecture in honour of the late Bishop David Beetge of the Highveld. Bishop Beetge was a leading cleric in our church and an international advocate who raised funds for the poorest of the poor before his sudden death in 2008.  "In marking the 10th anniversary of David’s passing, we celebrate his life with a lecture on the theme of peacemaking. I am delighted that Bishop Curry has agreed to deliver the lecture on his first visit as the head of our sister church."
Previous lectures were delivered by Rev Dr Rowan Williams, Professor Barney Pityana, and Rev Dr Sam Wells.

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