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Kwasa College
9 Nalk Road  
South Africa 
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An Independent Pre-primary and Primary School registered through the Gauteng Education Department, South Africa

Living in two worlds...

Kwasa College students are up at dawn with chores to do - like gathering wood for the fire or carrying heavy buckets of water to their dwelling from the ​nearest tap.

A Day in the Life of Zamane & Brandon

An informal settlement is defined as​​:
 “An impoverished group of households who have illegally or without authority taken occupation of a parcel of land and who have created a shanty town of impoverished illegal residential structures built mostly from scrap material. No provision made for
​essential services."

South Africa: Informal Settlements Status
© The Housing Development Agency 2013
This video shows the Kwasa College campus and the loving atmosphere all of our children enjoy while at school.  There is time to learn, time to play with plenty of care in a safe and nurturing environment.

But, our students also live in a different reality...

  Students who attend Kwasa College primarily reside in the  informal settlement, Daggafontein, located about a half-hour's drive from Tambo International Airport in Johannesburg.

Daggafontein is a desperately poor area known as a "shantytown" with deplorable living conditions and virtually no infrastructure present:
no electricity
no sewerage
no paved roads 
no waste removal
and only eight taps to obtain water
for approximately 2200 shacks and over 15,000 people dating from the closure of the Daggafontein mine and South Africa's apartheid era. 

Most of the residents are unemployed with a high crime rate including violence, prostitution and burglary. The adults have a low level of education and few have any basic skills training. Many people are living with HIV/AIDS without a clinic available. Many of our students have lost one or both parents to illness. Several of the children are HIV positive and on Anti Retroviral drugs (ARVs) when able to receive them. 

The local council has, to date, done very little to alleviate the plight of the residents of the Daggatontein. 
Yet, every day, our students arrive at school with smiles, ready to learn.
Photo courtesy of Jill Conrad​

Lux Vita Caritas

Light, Life, Love